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Oct 2

Krizz Kaliko interview with Vibe

Krizz Kaliko on Vitiligo, says “Fuck Cedric the Entertainer”

Scars | Krizz Kaliko Feat. Tech N9ne

Aug 2

Krizz Kaliko | “Why Me” Official Music Video

The Best Man
Kutt Calhoun

This is the story of a female dog.

And in this story the dog be gettin’ busy -

Chasin’ after two bones,

looking for food and shelter in two homes

But when you bite the hand that feeds ya, 

You find yourself on ya ass when you do wrong.

Listen to the words  that I’m speakin’, this is your Best Man.

Let It Go
Krizz Kaliko

Let’s do it to it / I’ve injected mama wit do it fluid / it hurts at first but you get used to it

Jun 7

T-Pain Listens to “Kickin’ & Screamin’”

I feel like it’s so difficult for Krizz to just take huge compliments like that haha “I wanna say fuck you to Krizz Kaliko for making me not wanna play my music no more - definitely re-thinking some things in my life right now”

Jun 4

Krizz Kaliko Announces the Summer of Strange sale

this made me laugh

Everyone want go heaven

But nobody want dead

Place where I have no relaxation is in my head

Hard Liquor
Tech N9ne

Make sure that it’s mixed
And twist it with a little bit of lemon juice on ice
on ice
on ice

May 1

Whenever “White Bitch” comes up on my ipod by Big Scoob, it brings a huge smile to my face bahahaha

Independent powerhouse tour highlights

"Imma go do a bunch of cocaine and I’ll be right back!"

Haha, y’know I’d like to see a Strange Music show when they’re wearin those adidas jumpsuits from the I Been Dope music video

Apr 9

Tech N9ne & Immortal Technique talk Independent Movement, Technology, Black + Brown

Pill after pill on the tour, He’s poppin X like it’s medicine

This is the way homeboy can fly away like a pelican

Without the family, so far from Heaven, dove off in Hell again

So ashamed of what he became, can’t even tell a friend